Alllooksame.comWebsite that looks at a variety of Asian/Asian-American issues
Angry Asian Man“ is an internet blog founded in 2001 by Korean American Phil Yu to discuss racism and representation of Asian Americans in mainstream media in America.”
Asian Rap WorldwideA blog that focuses on “Exploring the world of Asian rap, Asian hip hop and Asian culture”
AsianWeek“AsianWeek, based in San Francisco, CA, is the oldest and largest English language newspaper serving the Asian/Pacific Islander American community.”
a-tunes.netGreat blog showcasing different Asian & Asian American musicians & artists
Audrey Magazine“The Asian American Women’s Lifestyle Magazine”
CelebrAsian.comAsian American products (T-shirts, etc.)
ChannelAPA“Broadcasting Asian America”
DISGRASIAN“Two Asian American women blog about pop culture, politics, music, sports, technology, and news of the wacky and weird.”
8Asians“8 Asians is a collaborative blog of Asian-Americans and Asian-Canadians.”
Hyphen Magazine“Founded in 2003, Hyphen is a nonprofit news and culture print magazine that illuminates Asian America through hard-hitting investigative features on the cultural and political trends shaping the fastest-growing ethnic population in the country.”
HypnoticAsia“HypnoticAsia writes articles about Asian entertainment”
Kollaboration“Kollaboration is an Asian and Pacific Islander (API) organization and Movement that was founded in 2000 by Executive Director Paul “PK” Kim.”
Music For Your Soul/Bump ThisA blog that focuses on Asian & Asian American music“Community portal dedicated to the cultivation of a collective Asian political and social consciousness”

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