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HalfKorean.com MIX KOR CLAN
Represent the MIX KOR CLAN with our brand new shirts! Supplies are limited, so get yours today before they sell out!

Interview with Michael Yo (8/16/2013)
HalfKorean.com Interview with TV personality/comedian Michael Yo.

Walter Lewis Jr. / Black & Yellow Project
HalfKorean.com Spotlight on Walter Lewis Jr. and his Black & Yellow Project.

Photo from 2013 HalfKorean.com Meet
2013 HalfKorean.com Meet in Los Angeles, CA on 7/13/2013

The 2013 HalfKorean.com Annual Meet will be held on Saturday, July 13, 2013 – Click above for details.
Mixed Korean Tattoo Project
HalfKorean.com Mixed Korean Tattoo Project gallery features mixed Korean individuals and their Korean-themed tattoos.


7/26/2013 – Debbie Green
An interview with actress Moon Bloodgood.
Cristal Solomon / Half Korean Project
Spotlight on Cristal Solomon and her Half Korean Project.
6/17/2013 – Debbie Green
An interview with former Olympic volleyball player Debbie Green.
Natasha Harden / Halmoni
Spotlight on Natasha Harden and Halmoni.
4/10/2013 – Moogega Cooper
An interview with King of the Nerds competitor Moogega Cooper.
Josh & Ty Jenkins / cosmicArms
Spotlight on electro-hip hop group cosmicArms.

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