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Interview with Priscilla Ahn (12/7/2016)
HalfKorean.com Interview with singer-songwriter Priscilla Ahn.

Photos from 2016 HalfKorean.com Meet
2016 HalfKorean.com Meet in Los Angeles, CA – 7/9/2016

The 2016 HalfKorean.com Annual Meet was held in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, July 9, 2016.

Interview with David Michaels (11/14/2016)
HalfKorean.com Interview with professional basketball player David Michaels.
HalfKorean.com MIX KOR ROK
Represent with our brand new for 2015 MIX KOR ROK shirts! Supplies are limited, so get yours today before they sell out!
Mixed Korean Tattoo Project
HalfKorean.com Mixed Korean Tattoo Project gallery features mixed Korean individuals and their Korean-themed tattoos.

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7/5/2016 – Scott Coker
An interview with MMA promoter Scott Coker.
Victoria Namkung / The Things We Tell Ourselves
Spotlight on Victoria Namkung and her book The Things We Tell Ourselves.
12/18/2015 – James Moontasri
An interview with MMA fighter James “Moonwalker” Moontasri.
Joel Peterson / Dreams of My Mothers
Spotlight on Joel Peterson and his book Dreams of My Mothers.
7/7/2015 – Chris Kohrs
An interview with “Hot Cop of Castro” Officer Chris Kohrs.
Spotlight on on Nathan Kohrs and his CHALLENGERxUSA apparel brand.

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