1998 HalfKorean.com Meet (LA)

HalfKorean.com held a meet on September 12, 1998 at the VKC building on the USC campus.

We spent practically the whole day together starting with the meeting at the VKC building on the USC campus.
Flip Cuddy was going to have a presentation on his family history but, unfortunately, his slide projector was out. But, it turned out well since the discussions really got in depth and interesting.
Also, Charles Carroll and Ray Jean introduced their HAPA SC (Hankook Amerasian People’s Association) group to all of us. Their group consists mainly of Korean Amerasians who had immigrated to America later in life.

We followed with dinner at Shilla Buffet in Koreatown and then off for a little socializing at a sojubong in Ktown.

L to R: (front row) Debbie Hayden, Bonnie Hanson, Tammy Kim, Young Mi Skehen, Charles Carroll, Ray Jean
(back row) Debbie’s Husband (Chinese/Caucasian), Flip Cuddy, Phil Haack, David Sanders (not pictured: Bobby Thompson)

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