HalfKorean.com KBL Ethnic Draft Feature

KBL Ethnic Draft Feature

On February 3, 2009, the Korean Basketball League (KBL) held a historic first-ever “Ethnic” draft. It was conducted on the day before the standard KBL draft. There was a bit of controversy due to some rules that the KBL placed on teams if they decided to choose players from this draft such as losing a pick in the standard draft along with other regulations. Although there was controversy, the draft could be considered a step forward in allowing mixed Koreans to play in the KBL and not be considered “foreign” players.

In the 2009 “Ethnic” draft, a total of five players were picked (out of seven draft applicants): Tony Akins (전태풍/KCC Egis), Eric Sandrin (이승준/Samsung Thunders), Greg Stevenson (문태영/LG Sakers), Kevin Mitchell (원하준/KT&G Kites) and Chris Vann (박태양/KT Sonic Boom).

A second “Ethnic” draft was held in February 2010 but resulted in just one player being chosen, Jarod Stevenson. Coincidentally, Jared is the older brother of Greg Stevenson.

Since the second “Ethnic” draft only resulted in one player chosen, some wondered if the KBL would continue the supplemental draft. Although there was only one pick taken in 2010, there is a scheduled 2011 “Ethnic” draft set for January 31, 2011. We will be sure to monitor how this third “Ethnic” draft wraps up.

With the 2010 KBL season now in full swing and the players in their second season, HalfKorean.com presents a look back at the 2009 “Ethnic” draft with the top three draft picks. We connected with Tony Akins, Eric Sandrin and Greg Stevenson to get their views and experiences on the draft process and how their first season went.

Tony Akins (전태풍)
KCC Egis
1st overall pick

Eric Sandrin (이승준)
Samsung Thunders
2nd overall pick

Greg Stevenson (문태영)
LG Sakers
3rd overall pick

Feature by: David Lee Sanders

Posted: 1/12/2011

Post-draft with five draft picks

Pre-draft with all seven applicants
(Pictures courtesy of KCCEgis.com, Thunders.co.kr, LGSakers.com, Ilyo.co.kr, Osen.co.kr)

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