Mixed Race

Amerasian Unity FoundationThe Amerasian Unity Foundation (AUF) was founded by Frankie and Tia Legoski in Southern California.
AsiansOfMixedRace.com“AsiansOfMixedRace.com instills a community atmosphere that is conducive to our growth as individuals because no person has to do it on his/her own”
Biracial… Not Black Damn It!Multi-part documentary series by Carolyn Battle Cochrane
Biracial Study“a study on the relationship between biracial identification and well-being” by Carol Zwiebach-Sherman
Euphoria LuvAn Asian and Black Community blog that features information and resources for the Blasian Community
EurasianNation“The premier online community for people of mixed European and Asian descent.”
FUSIONA Program for Mixed Heritage Youth
HalfBreed Clothing Co.Halfbreed Clothing Co. is a multicultural clothing line for all mixed race people no matter how many races you are blessed with.
“Half Asian Test”A light-hearted “test” to see if you can pick out half Asians by Eugene Whong
“Half Koreans” Fan PageFacebook Fan Page for half Koreans created by Michelle Lane
Hanmi Amerasians Association of the USAHanmi Amerasians Association is a fellowship of Korean Amerasians living in the United States.
Hapa StoriesHapastories is a collection of non-fiction pieces about hapa identity and culture—or what it means to be a multicultural, multiracial Asian-American.
Hapas.comA place all about the partial Asian multiracial person
Korean & Black Club (KBC)Social group comprised of Korean/Black men and women across the country and globe.
Korean War BabyBlog by mixed Korean adoptee, Don Gordon Bell
MACK Foundation
MAVIN“MAVIN builds pathways to healthier communities by celebrating the mixed heritage experience and providing awareness and educational resources”
Mixed Chicks ChatLive weekly show about being racially and culturally mixed
MixedFolks.com“Representing Multiracial People”
Mixed Heritage Center“MHC will educate the country about the social, health, and political needs of mixed heritage individuals and families, and create an online multiracial community that will be a vehicle for learning and research.”
Mixed MarrowMixed Marrow is dedicated to finding bone marrow and blood cell donors to patients of multiethnic descent.
Mixed Roots Film & Literary FestivalThe Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival is a non-competitive, annual arts festival dedicated to sharing and nurturing storytelling of the Mixed experience.
Pearl S. Buck Foundation“Pearl S. Buck International (PSBI) is a non-profit organization with three distinct functions that operate as one with the common mission of continuing the legacy and dreams of Pearl S. Buck. her commitment to improving the quality of life and expanding opportunities for children and promoting an understanding of the values and attributes of other cultures, the injustice of prejudice, and the need for humanitarianism throughout the world.”
Seaweed ProductionsProminent mixed Asian activist Kip Fulbeck’s personal site
The Topaz ClubA social/support sisterhood for biracial/multiracial women who are part African/African-American and are mixed with other heritages
“What Are You? Voices of Mixed-Race Young People”Publisher site for “What Are You?…” by Pearl Fuyo Gaskins
“You Don’t Look Japanese!”–Interracial/Biracial ResourcesA page full of resources on/for multiracial people

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    My name is Arana. I’m the Founder of The Topaz Club. Thank you for sharing our website here at HalfKoreans.com.

    The Topaz Club has a new website address, and I would like for you to change our URL address in your resource listings to the following address:


    The Topaz Club moved to a new site. I will add your website to our links section in return for this favor.

    Thank you for supporting The Topaz Club.

    Best Regards,

    Arana (Founder of The Topaz Club)

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    My name is Melody Menard. I am the owner and founder of a beauty pageant for women of mixed race, culture and heritage. Identity education and advocacy for the mixed community is our focus. The kickoff of MISS MILLENNIUM is on May 19, 2012.

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    Doing good adds meaning to life.

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